Labiaplasty – Frequently Asked Questions

Conversations about labiaplasty with board Licensed plastic surgeon, Dr. Usha Rajagopal

What’s labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty may be the reduction with the labia majora (outer lips of your vulva) or labia minora (inner lips from the vulva). The process entails reduction of elongated labia or the modification of asymmetrical labia. When labia and vagina are established where you will find none, the process is known as vaginoplasty. Hoodectemy is yet another style of medical procedures in which the clitoral hood is lowered or removed as a way to raise sexual purpose in Women of all ages who may have problems owning orgasms.

Why do Gals get labiaplasty?

Females get labiaplasty for various explanations. In my knowledge, the number 1 cause for a labiaplasty is the desire to lower suffering or distress expert when carrying restricted apparel (for instance denims or yoga pants) or participating in sports activities (Particularly bike riding or horseback Driving) or participating in other physical things to do. The next most frequent cause of labiaplasty is disgrace or embarrassment regarding the way their genitals search and the will to vary their overall look. Other instances, Ladies want to increase sexual purpose– a discount with the labia or clitoral hood can provide bigger exposure in the clitoris, allowing for for improved stimulation. From time to time, a girl’s labia are broken through childbirth, and also the method is restorative.

How did you get entangled in labiaplasty surgical procedure?

As being a Girls, I know that Maybe no Section of our bodies is so carefully tied to our self-worth. Elongated labia can result in shame or humiliation with sexual associates and from time to time bring about agony or irritation. I respect the chance to support Gals prevail over these challenges within their life. It may make an enormous distinction in a girl’s lifetime to really feel better about the way her overall body seems to be. There also aren’t several woman plastic surgeons and provided that several women sense much more at ease possessing this course of action performed by a woman, so I felt it was significant that I offer you this course of action in my practice.

I will talk to the question which is on everyone’s intellect– will labiaplasty decrease sexual sensitivity?

If tissue around the clitoris is reduced, it may well enhance access to the clitoris and sexual senstitivity. Understand that surgical strategy is critical with the tissues round the clitoral place to mend accurately. The American Higher education of Gynecology states that in circumstances during which the method hasn’t been carried out properly, the tissue within the clitoris appeared disfigured.

How really should I choose a professional surgeon?
Be sure to check their credentials, before and immediately after pictures, and also how again and again they’ve got executed the method.

How persistently have you performed the treatment?
In the last twelve years, a number of hundred moments. A minimum of 500 instances.

How risky is this method?

Very well, Any time you are going to have any kind of surgery, obviously you need to pick your health practitioner incredibly thoroughly! From the many surgeries I have carried out, I have under no circumstances had any problems in my exercise. Country extensive figures report very very low percentages of women who working experience any difficulties With all the procedure. The technique is performed on an outpatient basis– Women of all ages can go residence after their operation.

Dr Rajagopal, thanks a lot for answering my issues today.

No dilemma, I’m delighted to assist. Girls which have more questions about the process are welcome to timetable a absolutely free session with me.